No 230V~ power at the ship

On Orion you can a) use the inverter at sea / in the bay or b) use shore power to 230V~ to power the sockets on the boat.


The inverter is switched on the right side of the central GPS - indoor plotter.


The upper row of fuses in the fuse box (left hull towards bow on the right side) must be switched on.


Please switch the inverter off again after use and preferably only use it with well charged batteries or even better while the engine is running.

Shore power

Before plugging in shore power, it is currently recommended to switch off the inverter!

With the shore power cable plugged in, you should have 230V~ immediately available at the boat.

If this does not work, the best things to check are the following:

  1. Switch fuses inverter (see above) down (OFF)
  2. Check FI switch in port engine compartment and switch up (ON) if necessary.
  3. Make cable connection from the ship to the jetty
  4. Check lower fuse row in port hull and switch up (ON) if necessary.